What is VantageTrade

VantageTrade is a Decision Making System aimed at serving investors dealing in financial instruments, globally.

This is a step beyond Decision Support systems that exists today wherein the users are exposed to open-ended outputs, which are subjected to individual interpretations.

The prime objective of VantageTrade is to provide with decisions to the investors an affirmative call to action towards investments for profitable trades.

VantageTrade is powered by Patent pending algorithms and is designed to cater to the needs of the investors. Financial instruments VantageTrade currently supports are Equity Cash (delivery, interday & intraday) for the Indian & US markets.

In the near future VantageTrade will be extending its offerings globally while adding Equity Futures Commodities, Forex and other instruments.
Simple visual cues are supplemented with a detailed description of the stock movement in simple English consisting of analysis, suggestions & day’s action. Novice traders could also understand the market position and take a decision.

How VantageTrade works

Trend analysis has mostly been dependant on the neural network with most of the systems unable to capture the trigger point of highs and lows.
VantageTrade works on patent pending Technologies. Our trend evolution algorithm captures the statistical parameters with the changing trend patterns for each stock. These individual stock centric unique parameters are used as a set of inputs by our statistical algorithms to provide exceptional call to action signals such as buy, sell, go-long, go-short & square off.

The algorithms of VantageTrade detect the change in the trend much ahead & with uncanny accuracy as compared to the standard algorithms like Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, RSI or RMI that are again subjected individual interpretation.

The algorithms are optimized to enable various forms of trades such as:

Delivery trades:

  • Buy
  • Sell

Inter day trades:

  • Stay long
  • Stay short
  • Square Off

Intra day trades:

  1. Go long
  2. Stay long
  3. Go short
  4. Stay short
  5. Square Off